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Wild Source Creative is about bringing people together to relax, reconnect with nature, feel inspired and reinvigorate their creative life.


We provide a space for people of all levels and abilities to come together to create in our workshops, retreat, or a combination of both. 'Disconnect to connect' is our mantra. All workshops are nature-based, drawing inspiration from the natural world, (flora, fauna, landscapes etc) and provide space for the enormous health benefits of interacting in and with nature. Inviting a deeper understanding and connection to wild places, ourselves and others.


Our workshops are aimed at people wanting to incorporate a creative activity or practice into their life in a fun, relaxed & inspiring environment. Every workshop has been carefully developed to encourage exploration and experimentation as a means to begin to discover your own unique artistic style.

Wild Source Creative Retreat at Tomboye is on its way! An off grid glamping facility, it will go further, offering an immersive experience and the chance to disconnect from the pressures of the modern world and create amidst the wild beauty of the Shoalhaven River. 

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